Our Mission

Our MISSION is to enhance and create business  development opportunities that support our community needs and vision; to respond to land growth development within current and future land use plans; to ensure responsibile stewardship of our land, people, resources, environment and culture; to strengthen our social aspirations and economic growth; to achieve the highest and best use of our land.

Our Vision

We, guided by the Tk’emlúpsemc ne Secwépemcu'l'ecw and our ancestors, will responsibly develop the Tk’emlúpsu'l'ucw (lands) in a progressive and sustainable manner which respects our authority and jurisdiction to create a culturally relevant, attractive, and successful economic opportunities for present and future generations.

Historical Timeline Select Year for Milestones

1977 We start our journey by incorporating the KIBDC.

Our Mandate

We seek to build a sustainable financial legacy for our members through a diversified lease development, venture capital and property management company. Our mandate is supported by our membership through its elected leadership. We seek to participate meaningfully in the local, regional and provincial economy to create a high level of economic self reliance and a solid economic base. We continue to:

  • Enhance our operating capacity.
  • Attract new leases; manage existing leases and overall property management.
  • Maintain existing and establish profitable partnerships and joint ventures.

Our Goals

In support of our vision, the Business Economic Development seeks to:

  • Actively market our available lands for development and subleasing.
  • Support our land use plans, master plans, and design controls to ensure that development meets our expectations.
  • Continue exploring new business opportunities, partnerships, and joint ventures that will profit our membership and the long-term sustainability of the land, people and culture.
  • Provide serviced, ready-to-build lots for commercial/retail and industrial development.
  • Create employment opportunities.
  • Improve business practices, build capacity, ensure accountability, and maximize revenue.
  • Ensure we employ best business practices.
  • Maintain excellent customer service, both internally and externally.




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Business & Economic Development welcomes land development, partnerships and joint ventures. We want your business to thrive on our lands in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way.