TteS seeks retail, office tenants, and developers, wishing to do business in the southern interior of British Columbia.

The available properties lie immediately adjacent to the City of Kamloops and feature superior access to transportation, lifestyle features and low leasing costs – significantly lower than the BC Lower Mainland.

Transportation Hub:

If you need to move inventory or information by rail, truck, air or fibre-optics, it’s difficult to find a better location – the 25 shipping companies already operating out of the Kamloops area are proof of this.

Both of British Columbia’s principal highways – Highway #5, the province’s north south artery; and Highway #1, the national east west artery – meet in Kamloops and are either adjacent to or within 5 minutes of available sites.

There are only two places in Canada that have immediate access to both national railways – CNR and CPR - and all four national fibre-optic cables; Kamloops is one of them. Air access is also excellent. Kamloops International Airport has daily flights to two international air hubs: Vancouver International and Calgary International.