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“Dr. Mikaela D. Gabriel (Italian & Mi'kmaq, Crow Clan) has a PhD in Clinical and Counselling Psychology from the Ontario Institute in Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. She is presently a post-doctoral fellow at the Waakebiness-Bryce Institute for Indigenous Health. Her research explores how traditional knowledge and Elder connections can support Indigenous Peoples’ mental health across life transitions. Together with her research team, community partners, and mentors, this research has explored life transition needs in collaboration with community partners in culturally safe methods in urban settings. She has clinical training and experience across inpatient, outpatient, and community mental health treatment settings, with focus in Indigenous cultural approaches to mental health; trauma-centered approaches; and narrative therapeutic strategies. She is a writer when able, a traveler when possible, and an auntie always.”

Talk Title: Gina’masuti: Reflections, research, and recommendations for Indigenous education in Canada

Talk Abstract: Indigenous education has a difficult history in Canada. From blatant theft and disregard of Indigenous knowledges, to the residential school system as a vehicle for genocide, research has found that Indigenous pathways to education are often mired with early drop-out rates and barriers to achievement when compared with non-Indigenous populations. This presentation will review current and historic factors related to Indigenous education; explore Indigenous approaches and perspectives to teaching and learning; incorporate emergent data from this author’s doctoral dissertation, regarding pathways of Indigenous youth in urban transitions to education; and the author’s reflections as a scholar. This presentation seeks to contextualize Indigenous education and the importance of Indigenous knowledges in academia and learning; explore Indigenous youth’s barriers, supports, and current needs; and explore supports for Indigenous youth in Western learning centres.